Voor de wereld-energie-vraagstukken van nu en de toekomst

Mark your calendar: 5 March 2020, The Hague

Invitation to the European WEC Conference in Den Haag, the Netherlands

Making North-West Europe’s Future Energy Mix Real

World Energy Council the Netherlands is excited to publish a new study where we address the challenges and opportunities associated to fulfilling North-West Europe’s clear ambition to decarbonise its economy by 2050: how to make this real.

On behalf of the World Energy Council in the Netherlands, we are pleased to invite you to this conference where we will present the main findings of the new report.

As part of the study, a comprehensive scenario analysis will set out the changes in the expected energy mix. For Europe it is evidently the case that the extremely ambitious combination of intensified energy efficiency, decarbonisation of electrons and molecules will be needed to fuel our industrialised society, while at the same time keeping energy affordable and secure, and meet the Paris objectives. The infrastructure, economic and political challenges are huge, much larger than the public debate often assumes. When managed well, the opportunities are substantial as well. These topics will be discussed during the conference.

The report launch will be an engaging interaction which will provide a platform for sharing ideas, presentation of research, and discussions on industry topics. We are developing a programme of inspirational European speakers and breakout sessions and will announce details in due course. The conference will be followed by a reception where drinks and snacks will be served.

5 March 2020, 14:00–19.00 hours

Beeld en Geluid Den Haag, The Netherlands
Sound and Vision The Hague
Zeestraat 82
2518 AD The Hague

Registration fee:
€ 50,00 pp

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Hydrogen is key in meeting European climate targets


If Europe wants to meet its 2050 climate targets, North Western Europe needs to fully commit to hydrogen. If applied effectively, hydrogen could deliver up to 30 percent of those targets by 2050. This is one of the major conclusions set out in our most recent report

Hydrogen- Industry as a Catalyst” published 12 February 2019 by the World Energy Council Netherlands. As a first step, energy intensive industry needs to embrace hydrogen and build further on what has already been realized in that area. This will then serve as a catalyst to further expansion into broader society.

New Report Released on Hydrogen - Industry as catalyst

New Report Released on Hydrogen - Industry as catalyst

Download the report here

Wereld Energie Raad Nederland

De World Energy Council (WEC), opgericht in 1924 in Londen, is een internationaal platform dat zich in brede zin bezig houdt met de wereldenergievraagstukken van vandaag en in de toekomst.

De huidige en met name de toekomstige energievraagstukken op wereldschaal behoeven omvangrijke en diepgaande studies om zeker te stellen dat aan de verwachte toekomstige enorme stijging van de vraag naar energie zal kunnen worden voldaan. Dit met name op een duurzame, maar eveneens betaalbare wijze.

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